Talk Travel with Cheryl: Tour of Echevarra Travel Website

Video tour of Echevarria Travel

Good morning everybody.

Today is October 30th 2020 and this is talk travel with cheryl; Halloween eve.

Today I’m not dressed up or anything like that, and no i don’t have any guests this week so it’s just you and me baby!

Today you’re looking at my screen which I’m hoping you’ll notice that i am on the Echeveria Travel website, sharing all the good things you could find on here to help you and me plan your Dream Vacation. It also helps you decide whether or not to use our services we offer, as mentioned that we do work with all US Citizens from coast to coast; we offer customize trip planning for individual travel; we work with veterans; special needs travelers friends and family, we alos host small escorted group events at least once a month or every other month, whetherit is a couples getaway to an all inclsuvie resort in the Caribbean or Mexico, or it’s a River Cruise down the Mississippi River or in Europe or and expediciation event to Egypt, and many other places we have and want to host you as our guests

so let me start from the beginning, if this is your first time with us, please subscribe to our Youtube channel (just click the video in the post here and it will take you to our page) you’re listening to now

it’s very usual that people think I’m Spanish; my husband is Puerto Rican, I am a Jewish girl from The Bronx. I grew up on Long island, and raised my family in Brentwood, which is in Suffolk County. We now are living in Kissimmee, Florida and like i said because the type of business I do which is home based, I could serve all clients from coast to coast.

Right now, we’re on the home page and what you’ll find on here is; on the left hand side of the page you do have some tabs here, they’re all marked for my Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest, we’re also the printer page, if you want and to send me an email, so these options on here you can use to print whatever you like or connect on our social media pages.

On the top here, you see all our tabs and each one of them, i’ll go into individually the different things everything from our specialties that we offer; about us; how to work with us, that will go into different things, i’m also a BNI (Business Network International), so if you’re looking for businesses or people to help, sometimes people looking for handymen or accountants; or even home services realtors. We have a big community of people that we can refer to and business people love referring each other; because we know who each other is, we see each other and we we communicate hopefully will bring you the best of the best

Next is our custom trips page, 0 you can click on this, we’ll get back to that, but that’s where you go when you want to customize your own personal trips. H

Hosted trips, these are trips that Nelson and i are hosting. There’s only two here and these will be changing due to the cruises and the cruise industry still doesn’t know what the heck they’re doing yet so these may change. We’re always updating our Cacebook pages as well; which i’ll go into at a different time this is the tab for Talk Travel With Cheryl, if i click on it’s gonna take you to our youtube channel; next travel brochures, we’ll get to that later, next tab destinations, that we service; next tab Disney Destinations; next the blog tab; our testimonials, which are people that have used traveled in the past, and if you’ve used us before, we’d love to hear your testimonial. We have another contact page. you go there it’ll bring you to mostly for custom trips; you can also use that custom trips if you want to do a group

Getting back to our page, we have a rotating banner on the top here of the different destinations around the world that we love going to have been to and want to go to. I chose Canada this week and Egypt and, some other destinations and if you’re on the page long enough it’ll keep rotating and it also has more information to learn more about, see details about it and it gets your juices up flowing for travel.

We scroll down and you’ll see more information about Echevarria Travel’ but right now it has the latest Talk Travel with Cheryl video on here that’s probably gonna be moved’ like i said our website is always changing and I always want to make it new and pretty for you guys’ so always come back and check out more. This will probably never change because it’s a pre-made websitei am hosted by Cruises and Tours Unlimited, they are a large travel agency in Jacksonville, Florida 90% of travel agents are hosted by a host agency, which means they’re just doing a lot of our backend accounting and all that some things that we do just to keep straight and stuff make sure we’re ethical make sure we’re doing the right things; make sure we’re giving you the best of the best the preferred suppliers and all that so we we do have on here featured cruises not all the cruise lines on here but feature cruises you may have an interest in; featured tours, it also shows some of our certifications here that we’ve earned through the travel industry such as being an ethical agency. Also we’re certified in river cruise specialists, here in the US and over in Europe. We also specialize in all-inclusive resorts; group travel – small group travel. We don’t do the 50+ person bus trips, we do like between 20 to 30 people. E0ven before pandemic hit we we did all that, and if you keep scrolling down and it’ll give you our spelling of our name; our website; you see the Florida Seller of Travel that is very important for anybody that’s selling travel. I’m in Florida, if you’re in certain state you must have that seller of travel or else you’re not licensed to sell travel and since I not only live in Florida I serve people in Florida I must have that listed, it also lists for Washington state and Iowa; so some other states do not need this but if you’re selling to those clients in those states you must have that

Please leave comments, Follow us and signup at for our newsletter and updates on events.


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