Why Use A Travel Agent That Specializes In the Destinations and Things you like to do

Why in today’s travel industry it is more and more important to work with a real travel professional like Echevarria Travel vs. Internet or the Big Box Stores (Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.) hey I love going to these places myself, but we don’t go all the time, and we don’t have a large family or huge place of business to justify the expense. It’s value right.

Also the people who work at these places or even the internet or booking direct, will not ask you what you want to do vs. what do you not want to do.

They are just about offering a product. With a real travel professional, we are different by specializing or having a niche that you are interested in. Like a doctor a general practitioner can only do so much, and 99% of the time you will need to see a specialist for a problem or disease that you suffer from.

At Echevarria Travel, we offer a few specialties in areas, we love to do. Not everyone will have the same tastes or budgets, but we hope you will use us.

Nelson and I love meeting new people and sharing our love of Food, Wine, Art, Culture, New Destinations and Experiences. Whether it is by Land or by Ocean or River Cruise or flying to that place you can only get to by traveling.

I am a foodie, been one since a kid. Growing up watching the “French Chef”, Julia Childs ” She is recognized for bringing French cuisine to the American public (The first celebrity chef) and now my pleasures on TV is watching Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay on Foodnetwork.

I was even accepted and wanted to go go the Culinary Institute of America, but life got in the way. But that hasn’t stopped me from learning and watching, eating, and traveling to those destinations of origin.

So when I started Echevarria Travel, we wanted to serve everyone going everywhere in 2008, but how do you and why should you use us vs others out there. We decided to specialize in various types of travel styles.

So, if you are a person listed below, then you are typical a client we love and are knowledgeable about. Not everyone knows everything.

Who do we service: Yes, we will help you and your family to the destinations you want to visit.

We specialize in hosted group travel events, whether they are hosted by Nelson and myself, or your group (family reunion; military groups; EMTS; police; teachers; firefighters; culinary and wine groups and more)

We offer Culinary and Wine Group Tours of USA; Europe; Caribbean; Egypt: and Asia. If not listed please ask!

These tours include activities such as a cooking class; shopping with a local chef, visiting a winery, tastings and teas, or that special place you have only read or scene in a move. Like eating at the Eiffel Tower in Paris; or English Tea at the Savoy in London.

What is your dream food paradise destination? If you are interested we are in the process of planning on a cruise to Europe in 2020. Keep following us.

Other types of travel we offer, as you have been following, we are Disney Destination Specialists and not only in Walt Disney World here in Orlando, FL; but their cruise line; Aluani (Hawaii Destination) and Adventures by Disney, Disney is a culture and not an age defying destination.

We are also avid sports fans, our favorite teams are all NY Teams, we have been transplanted here in Florida since 2016, and as we said, we service all US Citizens in all 50 states. So whether you are a Baseball, Football, and now Soccer Fan, way to go, US Women’s Soccer Team for winning the World Cup, we offer some of the best sports travel options out there.

We would love to hear you stories and more below. Or if you are on Facebook, we have created a new group for Foodies, which is called Foodies Who Love to Learn and Travel The World One Dish At A Time

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