Accessible Travel At Walt Disney World For Those With Special Need And/Or Disabilities

Hi everybody this is Cheryl Echeverria from Echeverria Travel and I also have Nelson here, say hello dear, Nelson. he’ll be taking your questions and letting me know whose online so that way I can talk to you as well.

Don’t be ashamed; don’t be bashful; that’s what Facebook Live is for.

Today is June 25th 2019 and I’m gonna be talking about today is accessible travel, but before I do that I want to give you some updates about that new special from Walt Disney World that I was mentioning about preschool families and I’m gonna read it to you so that way you get the full information and you can also contact me for more by calling use at 407-910-6469 or; we highly recommend setting up a time to chat. You can also schedule with us on our Facebook page or directly here. We’ll be glad to answer your question.

Preschooler or First Time Visitor Package is for specific dates and a specific resort. it’s for a family of three it starts at $990 for a family of 3 – 2 adults/1 child and includes 2 days and 3 nights and you have one park ticket to the Magic Kingdom at one Park ticket to Animal Kingdom. It also includes all your transportation to and from the airport, if you are flying into Orlando International Airport with Disney Magical Express: all the free transportation at Walt Disney World; you also get a voucher for a stroller rental per day, while supplies last. So you’re not pay for your stroller and the dates that you can book this from is today, June 25, 2019 – September 24 2019 and it’s from based Sunday – Wednesday only; if you have more than one child we can accommodate you and it’s also only at Disney All Star Resort so you don’t have a choice in which resort but that is the package again. It’s only for a limited time, so contact us now! Also reach out to us for other offers from Disney Destinations or any destination.

Make sure you’re with us on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. I’m going to be announcing our escorted tour the Grand Canyon and National Parks for 2020. This for any US citizen within the United States and we’ll have more information there so don’t forget to come in say hello on Facebook

One of the reasons that Nelson and I went into the travel industry back in 2008 and we’re celebrating almost 11 years can you believe it, Nelson, 11 years. One of our specialties or niches that we offer is accessible travel. Whether you have mobility issues which you need a wheelchair or scooter; whether you’re blind, I’m legally blind, or are you deaf there’s many many ways to get around Walt Disney World I think they’re the best in the business; we also can help you with your airfare traveling with a service animal; renting you oxygen, wheelchairs, scooters. We also offer special needs travel which is if you have food allergies; religious dietary needs; LGBTQ community, there’s so many things that people don’t think about when they’re traveling and they need help with. We ask the questions that might be a little sensitive; but hey, we want you to have the best travel experience that you can do. one thing we do not do is we do not hire out somebody to travel with you, so if you’re not comfortable traveling alone we highly recommend you go with a family member. I travel with my husband all the time not because I have to which I don’t, but because he’s my partner and I love traveling with Nelson.

I was stating back in 2001, I became disabled due to type 1 diabetes and what I want to start at first, is when you’re planning any travel, know your limitations! Here in Florida right now it’s 109 degrees outside and being diabetic or being on heart medication or any kind of medications you really got to plan out your day. That’s what we could help you do. Drink plenty of water! If you can’t go out at 12 o’clock, then go out early and go out in the evening, so that way you’re not worn out. Make sure you have your medications Again, knowing your limitations is about planning your travel.

This next bit of information is based on our experience with Walt Disney World specifically, this also pertains to Disneyland as well. We’re very proficient especially living only 10 miles away from the Walt Disney World Theme park Resorts. 1. Size of location, Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan Island which is 47 square miles long. Consisting it’s 4 theme parks (Magic Kingdom; EPCOT, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios); 2 water parks (Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach), 18 hole golf course, camp grounds; 26 resorts and a shopping and dining district (Disney Springs). Plus extras in between. It sounds like a lot; again planning what you want to do and when you go is a big part of accessible travel.

When you enter any one of the parks. head over to guest services, each park has one.speak to one of the cast members and let them know you disability or your specific need for access to the rides and location of places. they have an accessible guide especially for those that are deaf or blind. all the for theme parks has a handheld device that has closed captioning for the deaf and it has audio description for the blind. Let them know which option you want so the person can set it up properly for you. Do not leave guest services until you check out the device, make sure it’s for audio closed-captioning, etc. it does work by gps and you don’t have to worry about holding it in your hand it does come with a lanyard on it and the other thing is it’s $25 in case you lose it or whatever and then when you leave the park you get your money back.

For more information on this, listen to our full video above. Please leave your comments below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cheryl and Nelson

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