Video Blog Post – Disney’s Galaxy Edge; Virgin Voyages and Travel Tips

Good morning everyone! Cheryl Echevarria of Echevarria Travel and this video blog posting for March 8, 2019!

Disney's Galaxy Edge Rendering
Disney’s Galaxy Edge Rendering

Yeah I’m back! I haven’t done the video blogs in a while, so we’re gonna try and do this again, and hopefully we could get you and your friends and family listening. I hope to have guests in the future, so if you’re interested in learning more about Echevarria Travel, maybe some of my business colleagues can help

A little background on us, if you remember me and Nelson, my husband! Yes, we are originally from Brentwood, Long Island, New York and service all travels was started in 2008.

We are a home-based travel agency. Echevarria Travel is an independent contractor which means no handcuffs on what we can offer you in the way of travel. We’re travel advisers, so please when contacting we do give you a questionnaire and to set up a 20 minute consultation. We ask you questions about, who you are, what you are what you like to do especially; and what you don’t like to do because not everybody is Disney fan. Maybe you’re Universal fan. Maybe you want an adult only vacation wants an adult only vacation, or possibly to spend a week in Florence, Italy staring at Michelangelo and the Medici doors and so many other things just like I like to do so there are so many different options to choose from. Planes; Trains; automobiles, and cruises all those things out there.

So let us take the time to fin out who are and what yourhobbies and what you like to do. We love to make your dreams come true.

Let’s face it travel is a dream

I will be wearing my reading glasses so for those that don’t know, I am legally blind

Today some travel tips.

First of all; if you’re traveling outside the country! Yes, you need a U.S. passport anywhere. If you are traveling only to a US Destination, you will not need them, just a valid driver’s license. You will not need it, unless you are traveling to US territories like Puerto Rico; St. John; St. Thomas; the US Virgin Islands. Places like the Bahamas; Bermuda; and the Caribbean and the other place you’re traveling to even on a cruise many people think that you don’t need a passport you could just travel with your birth certificate or driver’s license that’s just a myth, you need passports, they do last ten years; also make sure when you’re traveling that they expire six months after you return and yes your children do need passport.

Please remember, we love comments and all that other information either on Facebook or on our blog the information is here

Okay you can tell that I’m wearing my Disney stuff! I am big Disney fan. One of the reasons I wanted to be a travel agent,many years ago is because we’re a big Disney fans.

The special hat I’m wearing is because, I’m a Disney College of Knowledge graduate! Not all travel advisers get this and, every year we have to get re-certified.

I want to announce whether you’re in California or you’re in here in Florida, that Disney Galaxy Edge is opening in May 31st, 2019 in Disneyland and August 29th, 2019 here at Walt Disney World. If you’re thinking of making a reservation and booking for these dates, hurry up and do it because if you’re a Star Wars fan you know that like anything new at Disney it’s going to be crazy and you need to know a specialist, like myself who could give you the ins and outs of the fastpasses: dining all that coming up these are soft launches then everything will be ready. The Millennium Falcon rides at both locations will be available there the Galaxy Edge Resort Hotel will be open in 2021, for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. More information on those openings coming soon.

It’s the largest expansion that Disney World here in Florida has done since opening Animal Kingdom, at least 20 years! Even with the expansion of World of Avatar.

Today March 8th 2019, is the day of EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Expo! If you have never been to it you need to go. They have plants and topiarys designed like Characters. The expo also has wine and food that you know are made from the different plants; fruits and vegetables. You do need a pass to Epcot, you just can’t walk in especially on the weekends now through the next two weeks it is spring break so if you’re local here in Florida; you know that we don’t go near the theme parks during spring break. If you’re flying down from other states, we are sorry, if you are going through some really bad weather. Make sure you’re safe and sound and all that if it you get stuck remember you booked with Echevarria Travel give us a call, we will help you find a hotel and get you someplace safe or even maybe schedule another flight for you. So don’t forget that’s what are the services or many services working with a travel professional gets you versus booking on your own.

Disney is going through a lot of construction; be patient! If you’re on your Disney Magical Express or if you’re doing the Disney mini cars out there.

Disney Mini Van
Disney Mini Van

The mini-van is cute! It’s a red van with polka dots. it looks like Minnie Mouse, this run by Lyft, this can be use whether you’re at the airport or you’re having fast passes and you can’t wait for the Magical Express or a special dining option because you know your reservations you’re going to get to your dining reservations by a certain time and you’re you might be a Magic Kingdom and need to get over to Animal Kingdom it’s not that fast to get there and you use this service which is pay-per-use service

I recommend, planning at least 6-9 months out for going to Walt Disney World. There is no longer any slow or low season, and some dates like the holidays, you maybe want to plan a whole year out. Do a deposit and payment plans. When staying “On Property” meaning at a Disney resort, remember you get Fastpasses and can start planning them 60 days prior to arrival, and dining reservations 180 days prior to arrival. If you do not do this, you be rest assured that you will wait 3-4 hours for an attraction or maybe not get to eat at Cinderella’s Castle.

Nelson and I offer, as a service, when you are at the point of fastpasses and dining reservations, we ask that you give us a list of dining and rides, and we will stay up and get this done for you. But, remember to be flexible. If the 1st day you arrive and that option is full, but the 2nd days isn’t, you need to let us know. We will try our best to make it all perfect.

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