Group Travel: Have Fun with Friends and Family and Raise Money As Well!

Raising money for a great cause can sometime be exhausting and people are always looking for new ways of doing so.

Here at Echevarria Travel, Nelson and I have done many in the past 10 years.

It is a lot of work, but we have help raise, about $3,000 for some non-profits.

Now, we have been asked, hey can you donate a trip, so we can use it as a fundraiser for a golf tournament; raffles, etc. A group event, can bring you in more money than that.

We all with Social Media now, have at 600+ friends, family, co-workers, people who you enjoy bowling; ballroom dancing, etc with. These are the people you want to invite and share a life experience with. TRAVEL!!!

What a better way to do this.

Pick you favorite non-profit organization, below is the video of the trip we did for the National Federation of the Blind‘s Travel and Tourism Division. There was about 23 people in the group, and we went to Las Vegas and Utah.

One of our favorite trips to this date. We had sighted, as well as, blind travelers with us. We did many things like dinner and show, which we all participated in, if we wanted to eat last night. It was in St. George’s, Utah. In the old days, it was call “Little Hollywood” where all the Westerns were made. The was call How the West Was Lost. Video is a little old, but we hope you enjoyed it.

We raised over $3,000 for this organization.

We will be posting different options and opportunities in the coming days, but remember with your contacts and a 501c3 non-profit organization you want to work with. Let us know and we can offer you the best and different things you may not have done before.

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