What Does Echevarria Travel Do? What Services We Offer and What We don’t!

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As mentioned in other blog postings; we have said that, travel professionals specialize in niche markets. That makes us stand out from the internet and from each other.

Many of us do work together, and not try to take clients or business away. in fact, if I am not educated in a destination or that particular option. I will reach other to many others that will.

First, what we do not offer our clients, unless they insist on it, and then we, “of course”, will do so. We never want to make you unhappy or go somewhere else/

  1. Just airfare tickets.  This is not just me, this is many agents that do not offer calling to get just airfare tickets. We do offer it on our website; as an option for you. But, booking airfare is more economical through the airlines themselves or with your points.
  2. Hotels: If you are looking to stay at a hotel near grandma’s house or friends, etc. Again, it comes down to price and points. But if you are looking for Hotels for that trip to Rome and tours, and more. Yes! We will offer that.

What we offer as our speciality:

Individual Travel: Honeymoons; Family Vacations and Family Reunions:

Group Travel: Same as above

Escorted Group Travel: This is for people who have an interest in the same things, such as hobbies; belong to non-profits or want to do a fundraiser for a non-profit organization. This takes a lot of planning, and time to do. We love to help in these endeavors. We love our community and want to assist with them in many ways.  Like Churches, Health Organizations; Veterans Groups, and more!

These can be by land or by cruise. Where we include not only the land/cruise but excursions, buses getting to and from airport/pier. Services of Echevarria Travel. We travel with you, take care of registering everyone. Make sure everyone gets their safe and sound. Most of all if there are any issues! Which, of course, there wont be, but just in case of the unexpected. We are their to take care of it.

2013 Fundraiser Trip to Utah with the National Federation of the Blind

Special Needs Travel: Many people have special requirements when they travel and many travel professionals don’t understand their needs. We do offer all services, from making sure that whether you have an allergy to food or enviroment we will take care of it. Religions needs, again food or destinations, like Jewish or Christian travel groups, mobility disabilities to make sure our clients get the rooms and services that they need and recommend the best places for them. Not everyone can go every where.

That is us in a nutshell. We hope when you are planning your next travel adventure you will contact us.



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