Booking Last Minute For Our Vacation, We Will Get the Best Rooms and Pricing! Wrong!!!

Okay, we get this every time. and many people are confused or get shocked at this answer.

This is a myth, that is if you wait until the last minute to book you will get a great rate and room either at a resort or on a cruise.

This is a falsehood, for many reasons.

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  1. If you are looking for payment options, we cannot offer it to you or even the supplier directly. Final due dates for payment on cruises is 120 days prior to sailing, once you want to book something 120 days out you have to pay in full. This is across the board on all Mass Market Cruises, especially during; high season – Summer Time; Holidays; Spring Break, etc.
  2. Pricing when you get closer to dates are much higher then when you can deposit your travel 6-9 months out. Reason being, rooms are near to non-existing if you want them. If you are on a budget, then doing it sooner rather than later, will help on pricing and also, if you need airfare to get there, earlier then later is the best
  3. Availability of space. The best rooms and categories are gone early. As well as; those clients needing wheelchair and scooter accessible rooms. These are limited amounts of these rooms.
  4. Payment options of trip. If you are on a budget, or want to space out the pricing of your trip. Then sooner rather than later is better. You get early booking offers and more!

Many people also think, that if they book early and then the pricing go down, that is great for them. Maybe and maybe not.

If you are getting free nights, or on board credit, or free drinks, etc. when you arrange travel now and when or if the pricing goes down, then it will not be the same offer. Many lose these benefits or amenities for the price of a few dollars here or there.

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