Myth 4: All travel agents are the same!

This is a darn right lie! Never mind a myth.

Why is that you say, because now a days, many travel professionals like myself offer different products and destinations. Also, various lifestyles of travel. We also know the people in charge of the resort/hotel/cruise lines, etc and that way, we have the connections to reach out to that person and not just a customer service representative, meaning if you call them directly, you will get a different person every time; we call our BDM (Business Development Managers), Inside Sales Teams, and if we need to go in that direction Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Example: Since 2010, Nelson and I have have been Certified Sandals Specialists. Why should that matter to you.

  1. Not all travel agents offer Sandals or Beaches resorts, same company, but Sandals is for Couples in Love Only!! Beaches is for Friends and Families!! In English speaking Caribbean Countries.
  2. Every year, we go for an annual review of services, operations, new events and any renovations of these destinations.
  3. We also get to go to these destinations, so we can find our for ourselves which one of the 16 destinations on 6 Islands. Would fit our clients that best.

Below is a video I took of the Red Lane Spa at Sandals Ochi Resort, In Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Cheryl Echevarria at the Red Lane Spa at Sandals Ochi, in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Some other destinations we are specialists in; but not limited to:

Disney Destinations: Walt Disney World; Disneyland; Aulani (Hawaii Resort): Disney Cruise Lines.

Escorted Group Travel: Land and Sea Groups, which are special interest, like Ballroom dancers; foodies; wine connoisseurs.

We also specialize in special needs clients. Whether you have severe food allergies, religious dietary needs; LGBTQ; mobility disabled, etc. If you want to travel there is a way to make sure everyone can travel.

Plus, we love working with Non-profit organizations to help raise money for different areas: such as food pantries; Senior programs; Veterans; and so much more.

Please remember, these are just some of the places, destinations and services we are specialists in.

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