Top 5 Myths About Travel Advisers (Travel Agents)!

Being a travel adviser (travel agent), has it ups and downs in their business; and there are many misconceptions of working with us, and what we do.

I plan on debunking these over my blogging to you all; hopefully, you will give another look, especially for that dream vacation; experience, etc. that you so want to do!

Many travelers believe that we are motivated only to sell vacations, similar to purchase that online commercial salesmen at 3 am pushing you to purchase the next great vacuum or slow cooker.

Nelson and I, don’t sell; we will consult and advise you our clients on the many different option of planning all types of travel, from destination the different cruise lines and destinations; to that bucket list dream vacation around the world. From your budget not ours, in a timely manner, with respect and dignity.

1st Myth: I do my own travel and I can find everything on the Internet!  Why would I use a travel agent?

Yes, you can look up airfare and hotels on your own; but we have the experience to bring you more information to you. We have the experience and passion, plus the time to work on what you really want, and make sure you not getting the wrong product.

Did you know for example, not all cruise lines are the same. I will be focusing more on one subject, but you can put in escorted travel group, Land Vacation; romance, and more in the topic.

There are over 40+ cruise lines out in the world, from different shapes; sizes; characteristics; not everyone is the same. Then there over river cruises, yacht and expedition cruise lines; that are not part of the mass market ones.

It is not always about the price, it is the value of the experience you want. It might be more for it; it might be less for it.

As a travel professional, our job is to know which one is which, right now I am taking the Cunard Cruise Lines certification course. If you are not sure who Cunard is, if you ever heard of the Queen Mary 2; Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth II Luxury Liners. This is the parent company. I am finding out myself, that luxury doesn’t mean spending a ton of money or having to go on World Cruises. The average price is $150 per day, per person to be treated with luxury without the snootiness that goes along with it. I am learning so much of the destinations, the ships categories, etc.

We take our job very seriously!. I will talk more about Cunard at a later date.

Stay tuned for 2nd Myth: Travel Professionals Push our client to book expensive resorts and cruises that pay us higher commissions

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