When is the best time to visit Walt Disney World in 2019 and Beyond

Cheryl and Nelson in front of Cinderella’s Castle and Statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse November 2016

When is the best time to visit Walt Disney World, here in Orlando, Florida?

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To answer that honestly, it really all depends on when you can travel!

Some people only have a certain time of year to visit, due to work schedules; school and religious reasons. Some can travel anytime they want.

But for this posting, and since we are on the side of we can travel anytime we want. Especially, since moving to Florida in 2016; we are only 10 miles away, and Disney is one of our own special places we love to visit

Here are some ideas for you, that we recommend:

There used to be a time, that I would call the slow time of year to visit; but no longer. 2019 and beyond is going to be a change to the “World”, which we love to call it. From the Opening of Toy Story Land at Disney Hollywood Studios this past summer. To the opening of Star Wars Galaxy Edge coming in late Summer/Fall 2019 and more. If you haven’t been to Walt Disney in awhile you will be surprised. We will be posting when we can of the updates and more in future posts.

Plus so many festivals and activities that go on year round like: Festival of the Arts; Epcot Flower and Garden, Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival; Halloween and especially our favorite time of the year, which is the Holiday Season!

The best times to visit are when the kids are in school, but if you don’t have that luxury, talk with your teachers about testing and classwork. Remember, traveling with family, is an education in it’s own and you only have 1 family, so make the best of it when you can. Take a long weekend or shorter week. If you must go during the holidays. Do not go Christmas through New Year’s. Think about going Thanksgiving and who really likes to cook anyway, to right before Christmas week. All the decorations are up at the park, the day after Halloween, and the resorts are fully decorated which is an amazement, because they all decorate differently on Thanksgiving.

Also remember, Walt Disney World is in Orlando, FL. I definitely would not go August, which is the hottest month to visit. If you don’t like the heat. Go during Spring; Fall or Winter.

Here is a video we did back in 2016. The phone number has changed it is now 407-910-6469

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